Texts, Exhibitions

Look through and back again, 2018, Petr Novotný Gallery, Prague (Photo - Pavla Ortová)

Complementary, Tomas Rajlich a Břetislav Malý, 2018, Etcetera Gallery, Brno (Text EN/CZ - Martin Dostál, Photo - Kiva)

Re Vize, 2017, Roudnice nad Labem Gallery (Text EN/CZ - Petra Mazáčová, Photo - author's archive)

The full space of yellow colour, 2017, Aspekt Gallery, Brno (Photo - Michal Polák)

Angry sequences of yellow color, 2017, (Text EN/CZ to katalog Břetislav Malý 2 - Martin Dostál)

Floating garden, 2017, (Text EN/CZ to katalog Břetislav Malý 2 - Zuzana Janečková)

Ludwig let out the kite, 2017, White Pearl Gallery, Prague (Text EN/CZ - Pavel Kubesa, Photo - Hynek Alt)

Aboud red, 2016, Blansko Gallery (Text EN/CZ - Martin Dostál, Photo - author's archive)

Those who look for red will first see blue and green, 2016, Blansko Gallery, (recenzatin of exhibition)(Text EN/CZ Zuzana Janečková, Photo - Michaela Dvořáková, Kiva)

A colour of place, 2015, Richard Adam Gallery, Brno (Text EN/CZ - Jan Zálešák, Photo - author's archive)

The dissipation of space as a consequence of the synthesis of colour, 2015, Gallery of Youth, Brno (Text EN/CZ - Zuzana Janečková, Photo - Michaela Dvořáková)

Night is waiting, 2014, Dole Gallery, Ostrava (Text EN/CZ - Martin Mikolášek)

From the light factory, 2013, (catalogue text EN/CZ - Jan Zálešák)